About Us

Sam (Raymond) Barnett purchased a small milk round in Middlezoy 60 years ago from Eddie Smith who gave up farming to become a Methodist Minister. Sam continued with deliveries until 1976 when he retired at the age of 70.  Geoffrey (son) and Patricia Barnett purchased the business from him. Later that year Norman and Dulcie Stevens decided to retire from delivering in Shapwick and Ashcott, they took over their round. Over the next few years they had the opportunity to take over deliveries in Catcott, Stawell, Moorlinch etc. at that time the majority of people had their milk delivered in glass bottles. However with the aggressive pricing tactics of the large supermarket sales began to decline.


When Adrian decided to join the family business in 2001 the decision was made to acquire a chiller van to supply village shops, hotels, care homes, schools cafes etc. this developed quite quickly and a second van was added to supply a larger area. We feel the success of the business is due to personal service and dedication of family and employees to maintain a good delivery service in all weathers. We have been fortunate to have the support of many loyal customers, some of whom have been with us from the start. Thank you every one!


Adrian took over the business in May 2016, although Geoffrey “retired”(or supposed to have at 70 this month) he still does rounds regularly to help out, and Patricia still assists with the accounts etc. We have seen many changes with the doorstep deliveries, and are pleased to see a renewed interest in having milk delivered in glass bottles. We are one of a very few independent  dairy retailers supplying milk to the doorstep, and have always tried to be competitive on price. Glass bottles is a very good way of recycling, as  they are returnable and reused on average 30 times, before they are deemed no longer usable, and then they are recycled to make more glass. We are hearing so much about the problems of plastic and the environment – help the situation by changing to a glass bottle of milk on the doorstep.

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